In a nutshell…

Hi folks. The name is Scott. Grew up in Manhattan. Young at heart, but old now. Used to be a special effects cameraman, advertising producer, screenwriter, blah blah blah… Disabled now and reduced to observing the insanity of the world around me. Hope you enjoy my political rants, ‘cuz I’m sick and tired of all this bullshit. Hell… I’m no radical. I’m not trying to stir up any trouble or forment civil unrest here. Life’s hard enough as it is.

But it infuriates me that so many people are walking around now with blinders on. Actually putting them on themselves, and sticking their heads in the sand like ostriches, acting like if they just keep their eyes closed it’ll all just go away. Simply not understanding that this is not about partisan politics anymore, but about the survival of our very way of life.

Hell… the way Trump is playin’ so fast an’ loose with his mouth now, the entire planet is at stake. But no matter how you slice it, we are definitely under attack, big time… both from within and without. So I’m writing down my thoughts in the long shot hope that maybe it’ll help wake someone up.

America operates under the delusion that it is immortal
a fictional belief; nothing more. People scoff at their peril at the idea of groups like ‘The Illuminati’. Masters & Slaves. But the nature of that horrific relationship is a stark historical fact. Yet still, we never seem to learn from the past.

I do not expect you to agree with what I say here.

I wholeheartedly admit that it is wildly speculative in nature.I have no hard evidence to support these theories. Only my eyes and ears. My ability to still think freely for myself. I fear for humanity; I fear for my children. So I must speak out.

This is merely Act I. Trump’s new Reality TV show… ‘President of the World’ is not yet complete. Acts II & III will take time to manifest and fully take shape. So I posit this for reflection as this ‘Drama’ plays itself out:

Mankind once thought the world was flat… Until proven wrong.

That we could never go to the moon… Until proven wrong.

That ‘It could never happen here’… Until proven wrong.

Then humanity loudly proclaimed “Never again!”

But we forgot that it is always up to us to make that promise come true.

So I humbly beg you to suspend your sense of disbelief for a moment in Time. This tragedy may yet unfold… our roles to be played made clear.   So be ready ‘to Act’, when your own is suddenly thrust upon you.

I ask you to Wait. To Watch. To Prepare.

Because as unthinkable as it may seem…

‘Big Brother’ may have finally thrown down the gauntlet.

In summation, I’m not religious, but there’s an old expression in the Bible:




2 thoughts on “In a nutshell…

  1. Got an idea to bring back coal jobs… buy tons of coal and send it to Chump Tower for Christmas… Can you imagine? Tons of coal on 5th avenue… loads of jobs… win win.


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