The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff just had an emergency call with his counterpart in South Korea, because North Korea can now potentially hit them… Japan… and US.

Meanwhile, Trump is telling police officers that it’s A-OK for them to rough up suspects, ‘The Mooch’ is telling his fellow West Wingers what parts of their body they can go suck on, and the Secretary of State is on vacation, as he presides in absentia over a critical department that has been hollowed out to its lowest level since its formation.

This shit is WAY beyond ‘House Of Cards’ or ‘Wag the Dog’.

…What a country. And the latest ‘shiny object’? Now Priebus is out.
The very last of the ‘normal’ Repubs who made up part of this administration.

So now it’s down to Generals and Billionaires…

a Tony Soprano wannabe…
a redneck racist Attorney General…

and a ‘Daisy Dukes’ country girl mouthpiece…

who serves up their mint julep lies to the press in ‘The Briefing Room’.

Every one of them, willing to bend over for their fearless leader —

The slickest snake oil salesman

since PT Barnum started packing suckers in under the big tent.

Ohh yeah –

I forgot all about the devious and mad pseudo-Svengali, Bannon… and the silent but deadly cobra of a son-in-law (‘He went to Jared’s’)… rounding out this sorry band of misfits. Trump’s very own ‘Dirty Dozen’… ready for their suicide mission to take it all –   or take it all DOWN.

Btw… I said all this in a joking fashion, utilizing sarcasm as my last coping mechanism to try to cushion the crushing reality that is slowly dawning on me.

Trump & Bannon have succeeded in dismantling the machinery of government…

Now there is literally no one within the executive branch who actually has any experience at all in dealing with the legislative or judicial branches.

They are ALL ‘Outsiders’.

I mean… who is left? Only Sessions, who could be forced out any day.
Betsy Devos?… a ditz who’s only talent is opening up her checkbook.
Rick Perry? The moron who didn’t even know that as Energy Secretary he’s now responsible for overseeing the nuclear arsenal.

No… Trump and Bannon have completely severed all connections to the reality once known… once conducted as… the government in America.

There has been a seismic shift as tectonic plates have realigned.

A bloodless coup has already occurred. 

We are now in a new land…

where NOTHING is certain any longer.

So buckle up, ya’ll  —  cuz we’re in for the ride of our lives.

Wake the fuck up, America.



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