Finally, Trump is taking on water and leaking badly.

Finally, Repubs see the madness… as like a rabid dog Trump turns on everyone in sight, biting and snapping to no avail. Trashing Sessions was a bridge too far, and his former buddies are starting to stand up.

Another mistake?

His Twitter ‘proclamation’ that transgenders can no longer serve in the military. BIG backfire on that one. So now McMasters is edging closer to leaving, Tillerson too. Rats know when it’s time to bail. And between you and me, I have a feeling something else really freaked EVERYONE out —

…Hearing Trump talk about himself being put on Mt. Rushmore.

Muse aloud in public that he thinks only Lincoln has accomplished more.

That was a strong glimpse into the true mental workings of the man. It’s about time, but I think that a lot of the people around him are finally beginning to understand that this motherfucker is INSANE and it’s better to get out sooner rather than later. Guess we’ll see what we see… but no question about it now – this boat is sinking, and fast.



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