Repubs pave the way…

Showing their true colors by acting in a manner so un-American it is stomach-churning.
Heed the words of Congressmen Chris Collins, re the Mueller Investigation:

“I would hope that Mueller doesn’t cross the line into tax returns and he should let go of some of the business things – let’s face it, the President is not subject to the normal ethics when it comes to business.”

What bullshit. What a chickenshit Collins is… but that’s going to be the trench that they dig now to retreat behind –

Trump is EXEMPT…

Not subject to normal standards of behavior.

And not just ‘The Donald’, but his entire family as well. He has Republicans so cowed that he may just pull off the installation of himself as some sort of ‘Grand Pooh Bah’…
the American equivalents to the Romanovs of Soviet Russia infamy.

How disturbing. How disgusting. How Un-American.

But that is exactly where we are heading… and we have brought this upon ourselves.



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