Things are now completely out of balance.

A cadre of heartless, incompetent crooks are now in positions formerly occupied by professionals who understood how the Government works. Trump seized power through bamboozling and lying his way into office, cleaned house of all traces of Obama’s presidency and stocked the WH with the minimum of staff to barely keep it running.

He loaded his Cabinet with opportunistic stooges who would follow his orders blindly, then proceeded to strip Agencies of the personnel necessary to keep them functioning normally, without replacing staff to appropriate levels. Slowly but surely, critical aspects of our government have begun to ‘wither on the vine’.

He immediately went on the offensive with the press… the arm of American society that the Founding Fathers gave the freedom to publicly challenge authority. Bewildered by such harsh treatment by the President, the press retreated into a defensive mode which allowed Trump to continue with his excesses unchecked. In brief, this is where things now stand. Scandals relentlessly unfold on a daily basis… controversy rules the day.

A bloodless coup has occurred.

Russia, our greatest enemy, seems to have quietly overcome the strong defenses which held them at bay for 70 years. Trump has let them in through the front door now.

Our society staggers from one manufactured crisis to the next as Trump’s bizarre behavior stuns us into inaction, much like a deer frozen in the bright glare of headlights. He uses his unpredictability, distractions and threats as a weapon against his own people… constantly weaving new storylines out of whole cloth, never giving us time to breathe long enough to catch up to the whirlwind that is “Trump”. The overall effect is as though we as a nation are being water-boarded, en masse.

I said at the outset that criminals have appropriated our society. They are being led by none other than our President, and democracy itself is being dismantled before our eyes. It is impossible to say what the outcome of this will be, But one thing is certain –

 ‘Russia Fever‘ is the newest Orwellian catchphrase to look out for.

Trump is desperate now… his personal finances finally coming under scrutiny as investigators begin to follow the money trail. And he will stop at absolutely nothing to protect himself. Events that occur in the near future are going to be spun to fit under the guise of being a massive attempt by the media to blame everything on collusion with the Russians. It’s all a ‘witchhunt’. So whether it’s the sudden departure of Sean Spicer, Attorney General Sessions or Special Counsel Mueller,  the next moves are going to be critical and huge. Keep your eye on the ball, and do not be distracted. The time to be vigilant is now. Trump is playing for keeps and Putin is playing the long game here, quietly watching, as his plan takes root. Trump is helping him do it. Follow the money.





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