He’s all set to blow –
Every button he has that is critical to NOT push is being pushed.

He can’t be criticized.
Can’t admit mistakes.
Has to win win WIN.
Must be ‘The Boss’.

But everything is coming to a head now because he compounds his mistakes daily and grows more irrational as the noose tightens.

He is an inch away from firing Sessions.
If he fires him then Justice Department decisions fall to his ADA… but Trump doesn’t trust him either so then he’ll fire him TOO.
Just last night, he finally went on record with the Times as saying that if special prosecutor Mueller starts investigating his personal finances “he will cross the red line”. Which means HIS head would be the next on the chopping block. That’s what Nixon did. A classic knee-jerk reaction of trying to protect himself by squashing any investigations heading his way. And if all this happens, then it falls to Congress to stop Trump. But the vast difference between the two disgraced Presidents is that yes, Nixon obstructed justice and was crooked. Resigned.

…But Trump will NEVER resign.

He is insecure, an egomaniac, and a true megalomaniac –
A trifecta of maladies. And this issue is no Watergate.

This DWARFS that.

Money laundering, collusion with enemies, profiteering from the Oval Office, nepotism, perjury, are just a FEW of the possible wrongdoings I can think of off the top of my head. The list is endless. But addressing these concerns is just the tip of the iceberg, because we have a BIGGER problem on our hands –

We have installed a childish, wannabe dictator as President. A man who believes he was born to rule us all. He’s already installed his family into positions of power as though they are the Romanovs of old Russia… the country that he’s obviously infatuated with.

…He is Power-mad.

And even though the rest of the world seems to be way ahead of us in sensing what might be coming down this dark road, very, very soon America is going to wake up to the fact that we have allowed someone who seems to be mentally ill to seize the reins of power in our country – and he is not going to want to give them up.

What’s more terrifying is the fact that this twisted motherfucker is now in possession of the nuclear codes.

This may actually be worse than I thought.




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