I haven’t broached ”The New Reality’ recently, so I’ll be brief:

It’s disgusting to see how the whole Russia thing, proven in writing and by their own actions is still not believed by his base.

Disgusting to hear our own president say that there’s nothing wrong with getting info from your enemy, if it helps you win… because “anyone would do it”. Really.
Some of us would beg to differ with that sentiment…

Disgusting to see Pence address all 50 governors about the new Senate healthcare bill…
and every single statement of his for the entire first five minutes of his speech were complete and total lies. Proveable and irrefutable LIES… which he spits out with his trademark earnestness and no one calls him out on his falsehoods.

Disgusting to swallow the fact that what Trump is doing is totallly undermining America’s standing in the world and playing directly into the hands of our worst enemies – Russia… North Korea and Iran. He could care less, his base follows him blindly, and Republicans in Congress don’t have the balls to challenge him. And so we sink.

Disgusting to realize that Trump will probably survive ALL of this. Just skate by.

…Bottom line here?

Nero fiddled while Rome burned. And we are watching as America rapidly goes down the rabbit hole too… blinded by a two-bit con man who has bullied and lied his way into becoming the master of all of our fates…

My dear friend Preston, who just read this sent me the following text:

“My only hope is that like how all the diehard Christie fans in New Jersey finally turned against him, and that eventually all these Trump believers will slowly come to realize the folly of following himI just pray that it won’t be too late by that time.”

To him I say this:

That’s what I pray for too, but we are seriously walking backwards towards the cliffs’ edge at this point. Unfortunately, his base is filled with enough dullards who follow him blindly in their misguided belief that he is telling them the truth and that the press and all Democrats are the ones who are nothing but a pack of liars. These are the supporters that still think he will deliver on his promises.

Then there’s the OTHER type  —  ‘The Cowards’.

The Repubs, both voters & elected officials who are AWARE of his lies but too afraid of the truth, and way too scared to buck the party line… which is now in lockstep as they all Pledge Allegiance as loyal Trumpites.

…The combo of these two groups is both nasty and potentially lethal.

Because the end result is that they are acting like lemmings, mindlessly following the leader straight over the edge. And so afraid of the country changing into a natural ‘tapestry of colors’ that they cannot understand that they are wilfully committing America to a final act, akin to that fateful ride of Slim Pickens, astride the Bomb at the end of ‘Dr. Strangelove’. Ie, we are destroying our own country… and perhaps taking the entire world along for the ride. The words of Christ were never more timely:

“Forgive them Father… for they know not what they do.”

We reap what we sow.




  1. This may be your most concise and spot on blog yet you make a lot of great points
    I also especially liked what your friend Preston had to say 🙂


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