Something TRULY frightening just occurred to me:

The whole world knows that Trump is a narcissist and egomaniac. That he needs constant reaffirmation of his greatness. That he cannot admit failure. That he is obsessed with his delusion that he won the popular vote. No one knows this better than Vladimir Putin. And what single thing feeds these beliefs now more than ever?

Putin’s denial of any Russian interference in Trump’s election.

This is the major crutch that props up Trump’s new-found self image of himself as the most powerful man in the world. He won the election because he is the ultimate winner. No one can defeat him. He is a winner… right?

So what would happen if that crutch was abruptly and brutally removed?

Think for a moment – what if Putin, a master of manipulation, was simply setting Trump up for a paralyzing, crippling assault on his most vulnerable spot? His greatest weakness.

…His ego.

All Putin would have to do at this G-20 summit is admit Russia’s involvement in manipulating the election to benefit Trump. Freely admit to the world that in fact he had installed Donald Trump, by choice, as President of United States.

Just think about it. Putin would have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. Insecurity is a heavy burden to bear, and a revelation such as this would crush Trump… from the inside out. His fragile mental equilibrium would go into an instant tailspin. Putin would’ve checkmated the effectiveness of the President Of United States in one masterstroke. Simply by admitting at the right time that Russia did indeed interfere in the election… to install a fraud and buffoon as the leader of his greatest enemy.

Trump would fold like a cheap tent in front of the entire world.

This monumental victory would cost Vladimir Putin absolutely nothing. And if a political simpleton like me can figure this out, don’t you think that a master of strategy trained by the KGB could as well? Come on. I’m just sayin’…






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