…It’s as though we’re watching the South rise again.

Unbridled and undisguised animosity on full display. Trump in the White House is bad enough… but it’s what he’s unleashed on this country that really bugs the shit out of me.

This motherfucker is tampering with Pandora’s box now, and he’s so ignorant that he just doesn’t seem to fully grasp what the hell he’s actually doing to the world itself. Sure he’s cunning and shrewd, but that’s really about it. His total arrogance and sense of privilege dominate his every action.

…And he’s got the nuclear codes.

Big daddy Donald knows what’s best for everyone, so get on board or else. My way or the highway. Say what? You don’t like it, nigga?! Well we got a cell for you. C’mon, babee… walk that fine pussy a little closer so I can give it a nice patdown. I’m famous, so I can do what the fuck I want. Staff my cabinet with a bunch of billionaire crooks and choose my own daughter as my top adviser if I want. Fuck all you muthafukkas. This shit is MINE now. And if you don’t like it… then step off.

…That’s his attitude in a nutshell. He sits there on his high horse, ready to throw              23 million people off of their healthcare. He doesn’t give a fuck. Just look at the way he acted with NATO, scolding them like they were naughty children because they hadn’t paid their full share. Acting like they owed him money.  Then the very next day, he fucked over 200 nations on the Paris Accord. The way he brazenly lied to the entire world about what the mayor of London said, the day after a major terrorist attack. And then when he’s called on it by practically every expert in the entire world, what does he do? He just doubles down on the lie. The list just goes on and on. In his mind, it’s Trump’s world now. ‘Nuff said. What?… You don’t like it?

…Tough shit, suckers.



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