I fear that indicators all point in one direction now –
Trump has become emboldened by the lack of pushback on his transgressions.
His false claims of unprecedented achievements during his first 100 days have been met with tepid rejection at best. Consistently ignoring reality, he presses on with his messianic agenda, assuming as always that he is always right… completely unfazed by public criticism.

He continues to lie. About EVERYTHING.

By his overt firing of Comey, the obvious intent of which is to cut out the legs from underneath any investigation of him, he continues along his path of setting himself up as a man whose Authority is not to be questioned.

Every move he makes mangles beyond recognition all previously known boundaries of what is considered acceptable behavior by a President.

He & his children are making money hand over fist, all done while flying in the face of ethical precedence upheld by every past modern-era president.

He gloats about his accomplishments yet has passed next to nothing thru a Congress that his party is in complete control of. ZERO.

The only things he has actually impacted on are initiatives that were in place and already producing positive results for both America and the world-at-large… initiatives that he is hell-bent on dismantling and reversing, consequences be damned. Ie, no progress is actually being achieved because we are going backwards, thanks to him. He’s relentless in achieving this.

Ask yourself why he is doing it, though –

Ask yourself why he lavishes praise on world leaders who objective analysts perceive as being power-mad dictators.

Ask yourself why he always refers to himself as ‘TRUMP’. Not ‘I’. Trump.

Because he s the center of his universe. 

Trump has gotten what he wants by crushing his adversaries.
That’s his track record… the story of his life. And that is exactly what he’s doing now as President – his aim is to bully, lie, deflect blame, conquer at all costs. Only He & his matter. He doesn’t care about anyone or anything else. We revolve around HIM.

He is a Strongman in the making. And as far as he’s concerned, the sooner we all make the adjustment and accept that fact, the better off we will be. This is his world now.

…We only LIVE in it.


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