The bar keeps getting lower and lower…

I was pretty busy today, not so fixated on Trump for once.

But the TV was on low volume, and I overheard a discussion about Ivanka & Jared now topping the list amongst his ‘most trusted’ advisers. He’s 36. Got a real estate background. She’s 35, ran a clothing line.

…What PLANET are we on?!

Give me a break. I’m not trying to belittle their intelligence or their loyalty, Or even their true desire to do the right thing by this country. But I’m sorry… neither one of these people have the right qualifications, by anyone’s standard, to be considered for a position of being top counselors to the President of the United States. Arguably the most difficult and challenging job on Earth. This is so abnormal, so utterly bonkers that it almost seems as tho questioning their ascendancy to this lofty position is more likely to be deemed an act of lunacy nowadays.

There is something terribly, terribly wrong here.

Forget for a moment the smorgasbord of problems to choose from – they are Legion. For the moment, let’s just tackle one of them –

For the first time since World War II there is actual talk of using nukes. Like it’s a ho-hum affair… inconvenient, yet possible. But it is not.


Trump has stretched the boundaries of what is considered acceptable behavior… reset the bar so fucking low… that we are now living in an era where talk of nuclear war no longer terrifies people the way it should. No… instead it’s flippantly discussed as a potential option.

And to answer my own earlier question, we are all living on planet Earth, the last time I checked. But in less than 100 days, Donald Trump has already flipped the script so drastically as it relates to how his actions, words and tweets are impacting on our world that we might not be fortunate enough to continue living on this planet much longer.

He started it. His talk of Japan getting its own nukes, arming South Korea. Blah blah blah. Just Trump shooting his mouth off, right? Wrong.

He simply doesn’t grasp the fact that this is no game anymore.

Sure… ordinary people, especially his base might’ve thought that this was all just standard Trump bluster, talking big and tough to better his negotiating positions.

But world leaders don’t see it that way at all.

The mere mention of nukes makes most heads of state sit up and take notice as their blood turns to ice in their veins. It’s no laughing matter. Not when you’ve got Isis dreaming about buying a dirty nuke, or when North Korea is constantly shooting missiles off into the Sea of Japan. Yet the Donald authorized ‘The Mother Of All Bombs’ to be let loose into the world. The big, bad MOAB. Okay, he took out some tunnels, killed 36 Isis fanatics. Great. But he dropped a bomb that’s getting labeled in the worldwide press as “the second most powerful bomb in America’s arsenal, next to a nuke“. For a man that is so consumed by branding, and the perception that people have of him, is he completely blind to the fact that he just sent a message out to the entire world?! The message? A nuke could be next. Outstanding. Way to go, Donald. You achieved your aim and got everyone’s attention now.

You certainly got my attention, that’s for sure.

This irresponsible fool now has the nuclear codes at his fingertips. Which brings me right back to my original point  —  His daughter and son-in-law are now his most trusted advisers? God help us all.



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