This is totally insane.

Ordinarily, I might say that Trump’s got some big cahones. That would be a lie.        But he’s definitely ignorant. Arrogant. Dangerous.

Why? Because he’s about to walk into yet another fiasco that’s going to haunt us for a generation… if we all even last that long.

He has insulted a nation notorious for being culturally sensitive about such things… yet Trump is going to sit down for the next two days with the president of said country. China. America has an idiot, an incompetent liar, about to meet with the leader of one of the most powerful nations on the planet… thinking that he’s going to be able to negotiate his way around him. Play him. While being totally unprepared to even be in the same room with him. The rubber’s finally met the road now —
there’s no turning back.

The fate of America,
in fact the entire free world…
now rests in the hands of a man
I would not even buy a used car from.

…Just sayin’.


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