…A Russian lawyer set to participate today in a money laundering trial in Russia was thrown off a fourth floor roof, but survived. He’s in the hospital with severe head injuries. He was also supposed to testify in another money laundering trial here in New York this May, being spearheaded by Preet Bahara. But Bahara was abruptly and mysteriously fired by Trump after having been promised by the President that he would be kept on in his role… and his key witness just took a 4-story header off of a Russian rooftop. Obviously, now both trials are in limbo. Whoever the ‘targets’ of these prosecutions were are safe for now.  At least it must look that way to them.

…On another front, AP just reported yesterday that Paul Manafort wrote and signed a document back in the early 2000’s specifying how he would, for a specific fee, disseminate positive information about Putin’s government here in the United States. Again specifically, amongst the highest levels of our government. Written on the letterhead of his own company. Signed by him. Subsequently, contracts were signed, confirming him as being retained to do just that. Advocate for Putin’s Russia.

…On yet another front, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Nunes apparently ran to Trump at the White House to spill the beans on… who the fuck knows what. One fact is known – he didn’t tell anyone on his own committee before secretly meeting with the president, for whom he was himself previously a member of the Trump transition team. Then he held a press conference outside the White House, making certain that his belief that Trump had been surveilled was his ‘big reveal’. Thereby throwing out a ‘cover-cloud’ backing up Trump’s claim of Obama having ordered surveillance on him through the engine of his ‘Dark State’ intelligence cohorts.  His actions shattered the premise that he is chairing a nonpartisan inquiry into Russian involvement / Trump team collusion in the 2016 election.

…While on yet another front, Congressman Schiff, the ranking Democratic member on that very same committee, publicly disclosed yesterday that information about collusion that as of Monday was merely circumstantial evidence is now no longer just circumstantial. He has yet to reveal the specifics… but IMHO, at the very least it’s probably tied into the Manafort bombshell. Because, after all… he was Trump’s campaign manager and is now on record as being ready, willing, able and was in fact PAID to promote the interests of the Russian government. And all without disclosing the fact that he was accepting money from a foreign government, while working for our own. The question of whether or not he was still receiving payment for his Russian advocacy during his time as Trump’s campaign manager remains to be seen. At the very least, Manafort is toast now. The dominos are falling. Da plot thickens.

…This is rapidly making Watergate look like a child’s game of tag.


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