To anyone reading my posts:

Oh yeah, you’re absolutely right if you think I’m obsessed with the guy. And maybe you’re thinking, shit, I’m so sick of him already I just don’t want to hear anymore.

Well, newsflash – neither do I.

I grew up in New York, and I was already disgusted by this guy 30 years ago. Thought I was done with him.  But he’s just like a cockroach. Extremely hard to get rid of. And hello… he isn’t some asshole drunk at the end of the bar that keeps bothering you. Far from it, I’m afraid.

He’s the most dangerous thing on this planet right now, so if you choose to go all ‘ostrich’ with your head in the sand then that’s your problem. Me? I am watching him. I freely admit that he has my full attention now. I refuse to be distracted, no, instead I choose to chronicle his actions as best I can.

Because this disaster-waiting-to-happen is actually affecting reality itself now. Mine. Yours. Everyone’s.

So yeah… I’m fixated. Being asleep right now doesn’t seem like such a good idea. Kind of like not driving when you’re tired, ya know? Unsafe and unwise. Let me sum up this disclaimer with words of caution:


…Because an out-of-control semi is heading our way.


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