The damage continues to mount daily now, sometimes even hourly. It simply boggles my mind as I watch in horror as this ‘Trumptanic’ steers towards the iceberg. As a parent, you tell a child not to play with matches to protect them. Kids aren’t allowed to drive cars for a reason; they don’t understand that the results of their actions could be catastrophic.  Well right now, an extremely destructive child is lighting a fire inside a car heading towards a cliff. I could conjur up fatalistic analogies here endlessly, each one more dire than the next, but I think you get my point.

Now Trump has insulted Angela Merkel, China, John Lewis, the exiting head of the CIA… implied that his administration may ‘move the press corp out of the White House’… all in the space of days. Again, I could go on and on but I can’t keep up, which is exactly what he wants and a continuation of his campaign trail antics. It’s all by design.


This is all becoming so ‘Orwellian’ that it’s terrifying. For instance, Trump’s constantly accusing the press of lying or misrepresenting things he’s said, even when he’s been recorded saying it.  This is referred to in ‘1984’ as being ‘malquoted’… ie, ‘flaws or inaccurate presentations of Party or Big Brother-related matters by the press.’

Or his thinking re the need for NATO as being “outdated”, even as Russia has annexed Crimea, continues to strong-arm Ukraine, decimate innocent civilians in Syria and most recently interfere with the normal ‘flow’ of democracy here in America that helped to elect Trump himself. Actions that fly in the face of his statements for all the world to see, but don’t deter him. No… instead, the lack of any cohesive and unified resistance only serves to provoke even more disturbing behavior.

…After all, he’s got Vladimir Putin to catch up to, doesn’t he?

This is a classic usage by Trump of the Orwellian concept of how to ‘rectify’ history: a technique employed by Big Brother’s ‘Ministry of Truth’ …“as a euphemism for the deliberate alteration (or ‘correction’) of the past.” 

These types of actions – the conscious manipulation of events and facts – have been going on since early on in the campaign, but have been ignored. Glossed over at our extreme peril. Our perception of consensus reality is being altered before our own eyes and we’re allowing it to happen. Orwell again.

Black is becoming White, and we are accepting it like sheep being led to slaughter.

Trump is proving Orwell right each and every day now, that you can fool the public by lying to it, knowing that you’re lying… but if you tell it often enough with conviction, eventually the public will believe it. Even worse, the person telling the lie begins to believe it themself, and becomes blind to reason. They grow even further removed from reality, and ultimately sanity itself.

As a people, we are becoming numb to the ‘reality’ of things like imposters being selected to head up major government agencies that they are already on record as wanting to dismantle. Yet they are being sold to us as ‘protectors of the public’. This is all nothing more than a pack of blatant lies. Sleight-of-hand. Misdirection. Our democracy, our way of life is being ‘de-constructed’ as we watch. And worse… we allow our critical thinking to go numb as we sleepwalk into our own graves.

We are rapidly becoming blind to our own complicity.

But if we all don’t wake up fast, President Donald J. Trump’s 2017 modern-day version of ‘The Ministry of Truth’ could become our new reality sooner that we think.



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