Check out the post here called ‘Trump the Loser’ posted 12-22-16.

It was actually written as an email on 12-15. I am certainly no genius, but my theory was that Putin utilized his KGB spying knowledge and almost certainly had immediately authorized the deepest dive of intelligence gathering on Trump ever mounted before to find something to hold over his head. That he was just playing Trump. He had the goods on him and was just waiting for the right moment to strike.

To blackmail the ignoramus who was about to become President.

Putin is the ‘Big Dog’ now and Trump his puppy, because Putin has more power and knowledge than Donald will ever have… plus he is also the richest man on Earth, so Trump holds nothing over him.

It is Vladimir Putin who now pulls all of the strings.

Putin knew Donald Trump’s weakness from the very outset – his ego. Whatever info he holds is so potent that Trump will do anything he is asked to keep it secret to not destroy his image now. Trump never had anything on Hillary stronger than the server info, which was given to him by Putin to begin with. Trump was already indebted to him.

Yes, Donald Trump was ripe for the plucking. My father used to say,

‘He was as crazy-stupid as a glad dog in the meathouse’.

Think about it – previous to the server info, all that Trump could do was hurl false innuendos and slogans to pump up his base against Hillary. He never had anything with any real bite to it until that leak ‘surfaced’.

Yes… Putin certainly had a grudge against Hillary and wanted to crush her in the worst way. To humiliate her publicly. But Putin is also a master tactician… and he knew all along that if elected, Clinton was going to be a much more dangerous adversary to face. Hence the leaks provided to her opponent’s campaign. Let Trump and his Republican friends distract themselves, the press and the public as they tried to destroy her slowly.

My friend Stephen will recognize this strategy from the book ‘Dune’.

It is wisely referred to as ‘a-feint-within-a-feint’ a ploy of deep distraction to draw your adversary into the open, where they are most vulnerable.

Masters like Sun Tzu and Machiavelli would’ve known this quite well.

In the real world, it is apparently used as a KGB exploitation technique by agents to set up ‘an unwitting asset’ to accomplish the mission’s goal

In other words, he becomes your ‘fool’.

Trump walked right into the trap, blinded by his ambition and ego. Now he has been reduced to his standard bluffing technique of cranking out a lame Twitter rant –  “FAKE NEWS – A TOTAL WITCH HUNT!!…but you can’t outplay a master spy of the KGB. Putin has the goods on this rank-amateur opponent big time. This dictator and his Kremlin cohorts must be doing back flips now. They finally undermined democracy in America.

…So now we wait to see what this is really going to cost us all.

The trap has been sprung. Trump has nowhere to hide, and can only hope to avoid the headman’s axe that’s about to fall on his outstretched neck in front of horrified witnesses around the entire world. Putin has him exactly where he wants him. Groveling. Whatever this damning info is, whether it’s sexual or criminal, the ‘Lord of Trump Towers’ knows it’s devastating. Now he will do anything to keep it secret. He doesn’t care about this country, or ‘making it great again’. The only thing he cares about is himself and his family. Period. We will all pay the price for his huge ego, ambition, past transgressions and profound ignorance. Donald Trump may know business, but nothing of the art of statecraft. But Putin sure as hell does. 10 days from taking office…

And our new President has already lost his first major battle.




    1. You can bet that he does. Just think about Donald’s 50 years of abusing power. It’s a treasure trove of material, that many past adversaries were probably too frightened of Trump’s wealth to challenge him on.

      Putin is the wealthiest man on Earth, so there’s nothing to hold him back… except picking the right time for him to get the biggest bang for his buck. I’m no genius, but if I can see this, don’t you think that Putin has? Please. Watch for my next post…


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