I find it absolutely astonishing that this President-Elect has the chutzpah… the outright gall, to question the intelligence communities that have protected our interests since 9/11. That he chooses to feign ignorance regarding our most tenacious adversary’s role in trying to undermine our democracy, right under our very noses.

Treason is not too strong a word to define his actions. 

A foreign entity has tried to influence America’s presidential election. That is a outright attack on our government, and on our way of life. A poisonous action by an enemy that means to do us harm which requires to be recognized as such. But instead of trusting our own agencies input that brought this breach of security to light, Donald Trump has chosen to publicly question our own experts, even to ridicule them. They finger Russia… he rejects their collective opinion by throwing up a smoke screen of manufactured doubts. The devastating effect of his very deliberate actions actually provides cover for an enemy who is attacking us, by virtue of the fact that he is assisting them by casting doubt on the veracity of our own resources. Am I crazy here? Am I missing something?  I think not. This is the definition of treason as written in Webster’s (bolding is mine):

“Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying war against them,

or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.

No person shall be convicted of treason

unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act,

or on confession in open court.”

Has it not been established that the act of hacking into private and classified information regarding our election process is an act of war, perpetrated against us by a foreign nation? Doesn’t calling into question the assessment that a foreign government, namely Russia, has attempted to interfere with and impact on the election of our leader, and consequently the selection of the government that he installs qualify as an act of treason? Isn’t that exactly what “giving aid and comfort” means? At this very moment we are holding hearings in our nation’s Capitol discussing this very issue… “was this hacking an act of war?” and so far, the only responses of our future President have been to send out a bunch of tweets questioning our intelligence gathering and praising Julian Asange, the man who published the hacked information, someone whose motives are highly suspect, at best. No, Trump is not making it easier for us to arrive at the truth. He is actively making it harder… and easier for them to get away with it.

I am no lawyer, but from a layman’s perspective it seems blatantly obvious to me that this course of action constitutes an act of treason. “…Adhering to their enemies…” means to give support or loyalty. Well, who exactly is Trump supporting or being loyal to when he trashes what our own experts say happened, and comes to the defense of Russia/Putin by stating absurdities like “It could have been some 400 lb guy sitting on his bed.”  Statements like that only serve one purpose, to sow confusion and doubt amongst the least educated listeners and viewers of our own people. And unless you willfully put blinders on yourself, it is pretty obvious that this is Trump’s intent here. Make it as murky as possible. Sure sounds like “aherring to their enemies’ to me, folks.

He makes it simple for us now. I am 61 years old and have never seen a public figure, let alone a Commander-in-Chief of our nation behave in a manner so cavalier and destructive to our interests. To call into question the veracity of our intelligence capabilities… to stigmatize the free press as well by calling them “liars” in a blanket statement of condemnation, all being tossed out for public consumption while none of these accusations are supported by facts. Only his opinion. This is outrageous behavior.

Or is it, really?

…Ask yourself this question: do you know what actually motivates Trump? Again, I think not. I don’t either… but I can guess. Actions speak louder than words, and the belief that Donald Trump is unpredictable is a total myth. An absurd fiction that he will cultivate for as long as possible. It’s what gives him cover.

He is as predictable as the sun rising… because he is an egomaniac who belongs in a category all by himself. A man whose chutzpah knows no bounds whatsoever. Webster defines ‘chutzpah’ as someone who possesses ‘supreme confidence’, which fits Donald Trump to a T. His intentions are as naked as a newborn baby.

He wants to be the most famous person who has ever lived.

Appreciated. Respected. Adored. And in his misguided perception of his own worth he has blinded himself to the fact that the simple application of power does not make one loved. But acts of kindness and generosity of spirit can. Not lashing out at everthing in sight like a bull in a china shop.

George Orwell would recognize the patterns of his behavior instantly as being those of a tyrant-in-the-making… his ‘Big Brother’ of 1984. The only thing that would probably shock him is the clumsiness of Trump’s technique. But even so, for a man who is not even President yet, he is already proving… for the entire world to see… one of the most devastating points raised by his adversaries before he won the election.

The most dangerous weapon of mass destruction on planet Earth

is Donald Trump.

…And the clock is already ticking.


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