“Shakin’ dat bush, Boss!”

What a classic line from the film ‘Cool Hand Luke’, and a prophetic one at that.

Luke had major issues with ‘Authorities’… feeling that ‘they’ were always out to screw the little guy. Paul Newman played the role to perfection. And it certainly rings true today.

Because Trump feels like he is beholden to no one… especially now. He’s in, so promises be damned. He’s gonna do whatever the fuck he wants to, or at least as much as he can get away with.  Screw the public, the voters, the lowly chumps. Now it’s my way or the highway. Git yo ass ta da back of the bus, muthafukkas… I’m in charge now.

Trump is acting like a king already.

He’s ditching the press… appointed a reactionary hothead as his National Security advisor and an anti-semitic, racist white nationalist as his top adviser…
requested’ that his children receive top security clearances, when nothing justifies it…
included Ivanka in a private meeting with Japan’s Prime Minister, for reasons unknown. And those are for starters. Basically, he’s acting as though they are a ‘royal’ family. Already. And he’s not even Pesident yet.

Ohh yeah – he selected Jeff Sessions as his AG too.
A southern ‘Anti-bellum/Plantation era’ throwback who totally embodies his ‘Make America Great Again’ theme. And with Congress now in Republican hands his appointment is all but a fait accompli. A few choice Sessions examples:

He said that the NAACP was a Communist outfit and un-American.

He was also a supporter of the KKK…
until he realized that some of the members ‘smoked pot’.

To him, that was the disqualifier.

These things do not bode well. Even Governor Nikki Haley recently remarked that Trump always said that he was running against both parties and we elected him anyway… then she went on to say that “we have only ourselves to blame.” It almost sounded like she was prepared to stand up to him for a minute there. But instead she wiped his ass like toilet paper, sold out, kissed his ring and now she’s a Cabinet member too. Well, Governor Haley… not all of us elected him. But the end result is what counts, and you’re right, we’re gonna end up paying the price, whether we like it or not. Yup. We all be in big trouble now.

…Shakin’ dat bush, Boss.


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