‘Omens all around us’

Or as my mentor don Juan Matus would’ve said:

“Be watchful and vigilant for reaffirmations from the world around us.”

Because, just as he always taught, if you have eyes to see and ears to hear… omens do not lie. Pay close attention to them, always. As any warrior on the Path to Knowledge knows… it is your duty to accept responsibility for the ‘knowing’ of such things’.  ‘To act impeccably’ using the ‘power’ of that knowledge… just as it is at your utmost peril not to act accordingly. So keeping that in mind, I hereby accept my responsibility to pass along these omens I have ‘seen’


Trump is in the process of trying to supplant his version of reality over our own. Every day, more and more pieces of his jigsaw puzzle take shape. And it is frightening in its ‘Orwellian’ implications. Even the mainstream media is being bamboozled by Trump’s magic act, deceived by his sleight-of-hand techniques, the simple bait-n-switch ploys. Carol Costello of CNN summed this nightmare up well by saying (I paraphrase):

“Well… he was the star of his own reality TV show, so I guess this is our new reality, since this is his show now.”

Nothing… and I mean NOTHING… should be more terrifying than an attitude like that. Now I am certainly not prescient, but at least I do still have half a brain functioning. And it’s only been weeks since the election took place… but I guess I knew what I was talking about when I wrote this email on November 9th, the day after:


Roe v. Wade…

Voting Rights Act…


Marriage Equality…

Equal Pay…

Repeal of Citizens United…

Gun Safety…

Immigration reform…

…and on and on.

All might be but so much dust now. A dream some of us once shared.

The House is ruby-red yet again. The Senate is ablaze now too. The chants of ‘Yes We Can’ and ‘When they go low, We go High’ have died an ignoble death on the vine. The White House has fallen as ashes blanket its future promise.

Now it has become rubber stamp time.

The mad rush has begun to undo all he did.

President Obama, the first Black man ever given the chance to finally lead us all and ‘prove’ his worth becomes a mere asterisk in our shared memories, just as we all feared he might. His achievements erased, his battles rendered moot. George Wallace laughs in his grave, as we witness Lazarus rising. Yes… Trump won. But actually, it’s worse. Not just because though he is theoretically an accomplished business man who “knows how to get things done.” No, that’s not the problem. Not just because he has never held a position in governance before, and only one where his role as an owner was the ultimate law. No…

It is because he is a man who is shockingly narcissistic…

A man who exhibits incredibly strong signs of megalomania…

A man who is so thin-skinned that he cannot bear

to let the slightest criticism go unnoticed or unpunished.

…In other words, he is completely unqualified for this job, and will surround himself with people who appear to know what they’re doing, but have devastating ulterior motives. Like Steve Bannon, leader of the Alt Right, a racist, neo-Nazi leaning group now expanding in its scope and influence like a brushfire left unchecked. Mike Pence, his sycophant partner and virulent anti-gay ‘Conversion Therapy’ lover. Trigger-happy generals, willing to shoot first and think later. Billionaires and millionaires, all completely out of touch with the ‘ordinary folk’ they are now going to be awarded stewardship of.

They will be the ones running things now.

While an unhinged and delusional would-be tyrant sits behind his desk in the Oval Office like Nero, who fiddled as Rome burned. Donald Trump, the King of Policy-by-Tweets.

The Boss of his new worldwide hit reality show:

‘President of the World’

But this is not ‘The Apprentice’ anymore. This is reality… and we may have all just been fired. Because despite his insincere declarations of ‘Kumbaya’ and unity, expect nothing of the sort. A leopard does not change its spots overnight, nor does the most prolific liar in American political history suddenly hold out the olive branch of peace to his enemies.

Not when the most glaring object lesson of his entire life points to a philosophy of vengeance at all costs.

No. Instead, beware. For the biblical ‘Road to perdition’ is to blindly trudge along the path and follow a charismatic leader who rises out of nowhere into the world of politics as Donald Trump has just done. Ready and giddy at the prospect of leading us all like sheep.  But heed the warning ‘sign’ within his own words:

“I alone can save us.”

Spoken like a classic Megalomaniac. A sufferer of ‘Narcissistic Personality Disorder’. I ask you now in all seriousness: Who in their right mind could possibly make such a claim?   Only a person who has fallen prey to the most dangerous syndrome of all  —

The Messiah Complex.

And he tells us out of his own mouth. “I alone can save us.” Spoken like a true lunatic.  But the Bible is not alone in its dire warning of following false saviors. We have seen this horror before.

It happened in Germany... and those who repeat grandiose mistakes of the past are damned to repeat history. This man cannot be trusted. We must stay intensely aware now.  Alert.  Hopefully I am dead-wrong here.

God knows I hope I am. But we as a people have been in uncharted territory since the moment he rode down that escalator straight onto the world stage to announce his ‘intentions’. I believe that short but now prophetic publicity stunt of an escalator ride to have been a sign of very dark things to come. It really wasn’t that long ago that a man in Germany rose to power and glory based on his intentions. Bad intentions.

…Omens tell no lies.


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