‘The hidden benefit of being disabled’

No question about it, being disabled sucks.

Forget about the fact that it becomes so much harder to do ordinary things that used to be easy. That goes without saying. The small indignities that become larger and larger as time goes by and your abilities begin to fail you, one by one. Simple shit like not being able to reach something. Or finding that you can no longer really cook food. Safely, that is. Recognizing that the act of dressing yourself has become such a challenge that it can easily turn into realizing that you really don’t have to change your clothes today, so why bother to? I mean, you live alone now, right? Choices. Things get simplified. Basic.

Like showering. Showering is a bitch, a real nightmare now. Forget about slipping and possibly killing yourself – that’s every time you try. You have to get beyond the fear of that fast. No… It’s the simple mechanics of bathing itself once you’re in. Shit takes forever. And washing your feet?! A fucking ordeal.

But everyone’s challenges are unique: the hurdles faced become individual battles of will. Disabilities run the gamut, just like people do. No two are quite the same and the indignities that are heaped upon the brave souls trying to maintain their sanity through it all have to be addressed one at a time and on a daily basis.

I guess I’m fortunate in that mine are of a physical nature. Sure… mentally it’s always a struggle, buf for the most part my faculties seem pretty much intact so far. And as a result, I have a helluva lot of time to think about myself. All kinds of shit.

… And that’s why I titled this ‘the hidden benefits of…’. Because there are three things that are an absolute certainty to become a reality for anyone who is genuinely disabled.

1 – Their world becomes smaller. Much smaller.

2 – Time itself slows down for them. To a fucking crawl.

3 – Perhaps for the first time in their life… they have the time to get to know themselves.

I mean after all – what else is there to do? If you’re like me, you can’t really go out anymore… out to dinner, go to the movies, pick up and jump in the car to go see your friends… Nope, these things become pipe dreams; relics of a lifetime long past now.

No, you’re alone now. On your own, Or as my old college friend Dean would say, “On yo damme.” So if you’re unfortunate enough to be disabled like me and if you ever needed a good excuse to get to know what really makes you tick then now’s the time, for sure.

So that’s what I do now. Think. I know I’m no genius, but I do have my moments occasionally. Stop by anytime. If I can get it together and I have anything to say, then this is the place to take a peek into the ‘wool’ that’s been gathering in this old noggin.

Cya round, maybe…


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