‘Silence & mock all dissent’

We heard long before the election that Russia may have tried to interfere. Now it has been confirmed. The Washington Post published a scathing article that before the election, the CIA secretly briefed and revealed its positive findings to the entire intelligence community… to the White House… and to top players in Congress as well that not only had Russia definitely interfered thru hacking… the Russian hackers had specifically released information designed to sway the election in favor of Trump. That this was their unquestionable intent. Elect Trump. My point? The CIA has proof: we just haven’t seen it all yet.

Obama’s hands were tied before the election, in the sense that if he announced this bombshell he would immediately be accused of playing partisan politics. He had no choice but to leave it up to Congress to reveal this info to the public. The Democrats were unanimously in favor of releasing it… the Repubs were split.

Then Mitch McConnell weighed in by saying that he ‘had doubts’ about the Intel, and that any attempt to release it before the election would be tantamount to playing partisan politics on the part of the White House. He would publicly point at Obama. So Congress sat on it.

…Bottom line? Nothing happened. Trump is President. Russia won. Btw… McConnell’s wife is part of Trump’s Cabinet now.

And Trump already expressed his opinion on even the earliest version of the Russian hack claim: “… I don’t think it was Russia. Could’ve been China, or some 400 lb guy sitting on his couch.”

Right. Otay, Pankie.

His transition team’s response? They downplayed it all by saying that “the intelligence on Saddam Hussein having WMDs was wrong”, and that “it’s time to move on” to “make America great again”.

I.e., ‘Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain’.

…These things occurred weeks ago now.

And yet Trump continues to skip the very intelligence briefings that would confirm the fact that our democracy itself is actually under attack right now from our most vicious adversary… yet he offhandedly blows it all off by saying that he’ll catch up on his briefings “sometime next week.” And even more troubling than the fact that his entire Cabinet is now stacked with billionaires and generals, a clear indication that Trump has no intention of being an advocate for the public good, that they are there to carry out the edicts of ‘The new Leader’, no, even worse than the CIA bombshell and what it represents for democracy?

Someone on his transition team recently sent out a systemwide mandate to everyone in positions of authority within the energy hierarchy... demanding the names of all scientists and employees who are on record as supporting a belief in climate change, and a full listing of all publications by them as well. In a nutshell, a process has begun in earnest within this new ‘regime’ to purge all dissenting voices with extreme prejudice.

And I say this because this is how it it has always begun in the past.

This isn’t me crying that the sky is falling. This is already on public record now. So my last point here? Simply that he may have arrived 31 years later than predicted…

But Orwell’s ‘Big Brother’ is here.


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