‘Rick Perry & the Bliss of Ignorance’

It’s really so funny it hurts.

Rick Perry, wanted to get rid of the Department of Energy but is now in charge of it.

Problem #1?

He, like probably almost all Americans is blissfully unaware of the fact that literally 1/2 of that department’s budget is allocated to the maintenance of our nuclear program for safety purposes as well as non-proliferation pursuits around the world.

Kind of important, don’t you think? Maybe not the sort of thing you just dump because it makes for a catchy soundbite on a debate stage. Good God… he couldn’t even remember the name of the department to begin with.

Problem #2?

It’s sort of a standard prerequisite to have a basic scientific ‘grounding’ if you’re going to tackle a job like that. For example, the guy that headed up DOE under Obama won the Nobel prize for Physics. You know… minor stuff like that kinda helps to understand what’s you’re dealing with. Well Rick Perry, our new kid on the block, is lucky if he’s got a high school level education when it comes to sticky things like ‘Science’.

But what?… Me worry?

Naaah. We’ll be fine, right? Riiight. But why complain now at all, or worry about stupid things like nuclear arms or the right minds providing responsible stewardship over a force that could destroy humanity?

Our fearless leader is putting together ‘a team of top people’. We’ll all be taken care of, nothing to see here folks, just move along now. Keep moving. Besides…

We’re all just inmates in a mad house now. Crazy people don’t give a shit.




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