It seems so blatantly obvious now that Trump’s intentions will prove to be detrimental for all Americans not amongst his favored groups. Every single appointment testifies to his underlying desire to thoroughly dismantle the government.

Now Rick Perry has been tapped as his Secretary of Energy.

A department he openly advocated shutting down when he was a candidate. Yet one more Cabinet member whose primary objective seems designed to destroy what they’re meant to protect for all of us.

This transparent rush to disembowel our ‘of the People and by the People’ democracy is confirmed by Trump’s blatant lack of respect for the very intelligence agencies that are responsible for securing the safety of our nation. His public pronouncements of “ridiculous” and his even more outrageous stance of being “too smart to need daily intelligence briefings” not only defies logic but also attests to an ego SO oversized it boggles the mind of a rational person.

It screams instead of an irrationality terrifying in its implications. ‘Theater of the Absurd’ is playing out on the world stage now. One man’s alternate reality is fast overtaking our own centuries-old consensus. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

The free press stands by, made impotent by their collective cowardice. They are not to be trusted anymore, Trump says, but don’t worry your empty little heads about that.

BELIEVE me, he says with a straight face . Don’t trust your lying eyes. Believe ME. Why?  Because just like Honest Abe, he will always tell us the truth.

I mean, we all heard him, right? “…Only I can save us now.”

Otay, Pankie.

SOME of us got blindsided by the dazzle of  Trump’s magic act. So now we ALL need to strap ourselves in for the most hair-raising ride of our lives. Get ready, folks.

Black is White and Up is Down now.

…An Orwellian ‘Big Brother’ mindset is about to occupy the White House.



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