Trump the Loser

Trump always brags about how smart he is. That no one pushes him around.  He’s the master of making deals. The Big Winner.

…If all of that is the case, then why is he going to get played by Putin so easily?

Is he really so naïve and blinded by his ego to think that the former head of the KGB hasn’t already ordered the deepest dive of intelligence gathering on Trump ever mounted before?  Intel on a clown who leaves chaos and damage in his wake? A known abuser of power with decades of dark history to exploit?

That Putin isn’t waiting for dumb Donald to take office to apply the squeeze? Utilize every single piece of dirt he unearths…and then simply blackmail the President of the United States with an empty promise to not release the info?

If this can be figured out by ME, then what Putin has planned is 1000 times worse.

Yup… the election of Trump is the gift that keeps on giving.


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