The Ratings Game

Putin is the richest man in the world.

Reputedly worth between 85 – 200B,
he even leaves Bill Gates in the dust.
And this is why Donald Trump kowtows to him shamelessly, why he defiantly maintains his public defense of the outright lie

that Russia didn’t hack us.

This is simply a bad case of penis envy…

and being the narcissist and egomaniac that he is, Trump has leapt before looking into a global pissing contest. And if he has to become President

to prove he’s the biggest dick on the playground then so be it. Because he does not care about America…

Only Trump.

Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Trump tweets.
There’s really no difference between the two.

…Early on,
I said that Trump was trying to create an oligarchy to replace our democracy.

And while yes,

‘a small group of people who control the government’

accurately defines what that is,
I was dead-wrong about what actually motivates Donald.

Originally, I thought it was all about money & power, the need to control everything.
But it is far more petty than that. Much simpler. And in the final analysis… even more base and pathetic.

…Bowie had it right all along.


He wants money, sure… but he really wants to be the most famous man on Earth.


And apparently he will stop at nothing to achieve it. He has imperiled our democracy, belittled our allies, inflamed our adversaries. But he could care less.
That’s all just the ‘necessary collateral damage’ along the road to achieving his goal.

Ohhh… he knows he can never eclipse Putin when it comes to cash. It’s far too late for that now.

…But fame?
Becoming the most talked about person who has ever lived?

Well, ratings aren’t in on that one yet, that title is still up for grabs. And that’s what Donald is shooting for.

So this is more than a desire to create an oligarchy.
No… he is on the verge of leading us down a far darker path —


(noun): government by those who seek status and personal gain at the expense of the governed

Money is not the goal here. Neither is power.
His ego demands to be acknowledged for something far greater.

He wants to become
the most famous person of all time.



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